Maplewood YMCA

The Maplewood YMCA in Rochester, New York hired Aquattica Pools and Water Parks for the redesign and renovation of their aging pool.

Project Features
  • VGB main drains
  • Vacuum sand filtration system with air scour
  • Hanovia UV light treatment system
  • PPG chlorinator

The challenge was to make the pool more programmable to satisfy their stated uses.  The client was no longer using the diving boards, so Aquattica decreased the volume of water in the pool by altering the longitudinal section from twelve feet to nine feet. Reducing the volume of water decreased power requirements and created operational savings while making the pool more user friendly.

Equipment upgrades for the pool included installation of VGB main drains and a vacuum sand filtration system using air scour for backwash. (Air scour reduces the amount of water required to complete a successful backwash cycle by 80%.)  Other new equipment installed included a Hanovia UV light treatment system, PPG chlorinator, and CO2 feeder for chemical controls.

Project Location

25 Driving Park Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613

Google Map

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