Canterbury School

The architectural firm Butler Rogers Basket hired Aquattica Pools & Water Parks as a subconsultant to provide a first class deep water swimming pool designed primarily for competition and water polo for their client, the Caterbury School.

Project Features
  • 8 lanes x 25 yards deep for both competition and water polo
  • Vacuum sand filtration system
  • UV Chloramines Destruct system
  • State-of-the-art score board and timing system
  • Multiple channel competitive recirculation system

Space limitations presented a unique design challenge.  Still, once completed, the Canterbury School’s pool immediately became the premiere “fast water” high school-level swimming pool in the state of Connecticut.

The pool is eight lanes by 25 yards and is 7 feet deep at the shallow end.  The deep end is 12 feet deep and features two one-meter diving boards.  The pool also features an all-tile finish, recessed steps with grab rails, and a state-of-the-art score board and timing system.

There is an additional pump connected to the recirculation system to assure non-flooding of the gutter and to help maintain the proper water level in the pool to protect the water surface from disruptive wave action.

The system also features a vacuum sand filtration system and a UV Chloramines Destruct system to assist with the water and air quality in the natatorium.

Project Location

Canterbury School

101 Aspetuck Avenue

New Milford, CT 06776-2825

Google Map

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