Our Approach

Aquattica’s approach to design begins with programming and planning. We work with school districts, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and private corporations in a collaborative process to develop a long-range vision for each project. With this vision as the foundation of our work, we can make program, service, and space requirement recommendations that will support our clients’ goals for their aquatics facilities.

We facilitate the initial planning process. We have the experience to bring large groups of stakeholders to consensus so that projects stay on track, while at the same time making sure that everyone is part of the decision-making process. We also act as interpreters, ensuring that the vision is translated into project design. Finally, Aquattica creates programs with operations and cost-control as a priority: forecasting the operations, maintenance, related costs, life-cycles and ongoing needs of the facility are critical to the design process.

Each project is assigned a select team of architects, engineers, and other professionals chosen for their expertise and experience in areas relevant to the project. This team remains consistent from concept to completion and beyond, ensuring continuity and personalized service throughout the project.

Design and Engineering Consulting Services

Aquattica Pools & Water Parks offers specialty services that take you from concept to completion.

Building or renovating a swimming pool, natatorium, or aquatics facility can seem costly.  We approach our service to clients with cost-control as a priority.  Our goal is to offer the services listed below that create a comprehensive program, while carefully coordinating with the other service providers and staying within budget and on schedule.

  • Proposal development
  • Delivery of necessary design and engineering programs
  • Design studies
  • Budget consulting
  • Equipment evaluations
  • Space requirement consultations
  • Review for current code and safety requirements
  • References for qualified architects/engineers/pool contractors
  • Assistance with an appropriate scope of work for the specialty pool contractor
  • Review and stamp pool plans for construction

Equipment Selection

Proper equipment selection will have a short- and long-term impact on your pool, pool environment, and on-going operational costs.  Space requirements, availability, necessary service, proper size, and long-term power requirements are just a few things that need to be considered.  We draw upon our significant experience in the industry to make equipment selection recommendations to our clients.

When making these recommendations, we take into account:

  • Size
  • Space
  • Budget
  • Program Requirements
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Elevations

UV Light - Chloramines Destruct System

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Patented Concrete Pool Structure

The P-Kast™ Pool System can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a conventional swimming pool without any loss of structural integrity.  Modular construction results in additional cost savings by applying time tested and proven technological solutions to eliminate the excesses that are inevitable with conventional construction. P-Kast™ pools are structurally equal to gunite and structurally superior when compared to steel-walled modular pool structures.

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Aquattica Special Features

Aquattica Special Services and Product Recommendations
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Pool Toy Features
Stainless Steel Gutter
Resistance Walk
UV Light System
Up Stream Jets

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